Thursday, September 23, 2010

a deal breaker (lyn)

So now that I’m feeling good about how I look, yesterday I joined  jDate.  Within minutes of signing up, my in box was flooded.  I decided to be totally honest, and even put down my real age, unlike most, I’m sure.  One of the guys who contacted me is adorable.  Age appropriate.  Even lives in my neighborhood.  He asked for my number and I gave it to him.   He called.  We talked.  It’s a pleasant, flirty conversation.  We decide to meet for lunch today.

We get together around 1.  I’m nervous, and change my outfit three times before deciding on a simple grey linen skirt and a white cotton sweater.  My hair does not look nearly as good as it does on my jDate photo.  Yesterday's rain has made it frizzy and well, not so nice. 

I get to the restaurant and he’s already there.  He looks like his photo.  Very cute.  We sit down and order.  I’m back to tracking again (although my weight situation never comes up; well actually nothing about me ever comes up) so I order just a green salad with some goat cheese and tomatoes.  He’s talkative.  Relaxed.  And friendly.  By the end of the meal, he suggests we get together again.  Had I just said yes then, I’d be seeing him next week.  But that’s not what happened.  No, instead we linger some more.

He talks about his experiences on jDate and mentions a very nice girl he recently went out with.   “She hasn’t slept with anyone in 8 years.  Can you believe that?  8 years.  I’m a very sexual person.  She has to have a screw loose.”  That is why he never calls her again.  Then later, he says, “When was your last long-term relationship?”  I tell him it was about 8 years ago (though it was longer than that).  “So when was the last time you got laid?”  Remember, this is our first date in a  little neighborhood restaurant.  His crassness is unsettling.

Then he tells me that he doesn’t have many male friends in New York (though many in Boston and LA, where he also spends time).  I jokingly suggest that maybe he should create a dual account on jDate where he sets up a profile saying he is a man looking for a man, but just as a friend.  That’s when he says, “I could never do that.  I’m too into p—ssy.”

So, no, there will be no second date.


  1. Ughh!!! What a pig! Does no one have any manners any more?

  2. Anonymous5:06 PM EDT

    I see nothing wrong with that comment. At least he is honest. I think you just don't like the word. And I think your suggestion to him was ?able.