Friday, September 24, 2010

another Linda (lyn)

I don’t mind going out by myself and I don’t mind not going out at all.  My preference, most of the time, is to be out with friends, my son, or maybe even a date (although sometimes that is more effort than fun).  But tonight, when I can’t find anyone interested in seeing a $4 off-Broadway play at the Beekman Theater (a reputable place), I decide to go alone.

I’m trying to eat light this week as I want weigh-in on Wednesday to be no more than 120.  I make a quick egg salad sandwich for dinner and am out the door by 7.

I mention that the theater is reputable because the play being performed there is The Deep Throat Sex Scandal.  Before arriving, I even call the theater and ask about the play.  Specifically, I want to know if it would be too creepy to show up for this play by myself.  They assure me I’d be fine.  It’s what I want to hear so I ignore the fact that they might be biased.

I arrive early and bring a book.  I am comfortably seated, enjoying a mystery, Never Look Away by Linwood Barclay.  Someone sits down next to me, also alone, and it’s someone I know.  A guy who used to date a friend of mine.  He begins talking to me, and I put down my book to be friendly.   Within two minutes I go back to reading my book, and he continues talking, totally oblivious to the fact that I’m ignoring him.  He is stunningly unaffected by my total lack of participation.  Without any prompting from me, he describes in excruciating detail his summer.  His work.  His many different jobs.  His brilliant marketing idea for a new watch.  It’s exhausting.  I can see why my friend lost interest in him.

The play starts and the language is raw and the actors perform, in part, naked.  It is cleverly staged and the women playing Linda Lovelace is good.  But by intermission, I’ve lost interest in the play too and decide I’d rather be home.

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