Wednesday, September 22, 2010

a visit to the knee surgeon (m)

Dr. McDreamy blows into the examining room where they put me....he is the personification of kinetic energy.   "How have you been?"he asks.

My coffee spills on my lap, the newspaper flies out of my hand.  "Fine" I lie.  I want to avoid surgery.

He squeezes my knee and I jump.  "Yeah, you're fine" he mocks.

We talk about weight loss, exercise, physical therapy---all of which I've been doing.

Then, to my surprise he says: "Look.  We can always cut you.  Let's see how you look in six months.  Keep up the exercise and the weight loss and the PT.  Let's see each other again in March."

His Physician Assistant, J, is in the room.  I have supreme confidence in the two of them.  J suggests a cortisone shot in my right knee to bridge me until March.  I've only had it in my left knee and it helped a lot.  I get the shot and they bandage me and pull my pant leg down.

As I stand to go, I look up at them and they are just standing there, smiling.

"What?" I say.

Dr. M says "We're having so much fun watching you transform."  Then he grabs my chin (as my grandmother used to) and says "You're a pretty woman...bring her out".

I was so choked up I couldn't speak.

Words can be so motivating.

Find someone today and compliment them on something.

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