Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yom Kippur (lyn)

Get to temple by  9:15.  That’s early for us.  Can’t help but wonder if this will be the last Yom Kippur that Alexander and I will celebrate together.  We both fast all day, but more than make up for it at night.  I leave for Jill's (Valerie's sister-in-law's)  feeling and looking thin.  

We get to Jill's about 5:30, and already, people have broken fast.   Last year at this time Jill had given me an extra scale she had, so she's partly responsible for my new look.  She tells me that I'm her inspiration and plans to go on WW soon. 

I totally abandon any constraint and indulge in crackers, creamed herring, and egg salad before dinner.  Then I eat a real bagel (as opposed to the small 100-calorie ones), cream cheese, nova, and blueberry blintzes (which I need to google as I write this to see if there is an R on the end of it or not) for dinner.  For dessert I consume two pieces of 7-layer chocolate cake (my favorite) , watermelon and blueberries.  

I leave feeling like I looked last year.  

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