Sunday, September 26, 2010

a guilty snack (lyn)

The fall is a time of new beginnings.  New school year.  New TV shows.  New Year on the Jewish calendar.  And a new screening season.  Shari and I meet to see the movie, The Social Network, about the creation of Facebook.  It’s a fascinating movie, brilliantly told, well acted, and smartly written.

Following the screening, Aaron Sorkin (the writer), and four of the actors (including Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake) participate in a panel discussion.  All seem intelligent, articulate, humble and insightful.  The moderator is good and fortunately no one in the BAFTA audience asks a stupid question.

Get home around 9.  I’m hungry, having had “dinner” at 3:30, a tuna sandwich and Pringle lights (my new standard meal when I’m in a hurry, valued at only five  points).  I see on the counter an empty pint container  of ice cream.  Alexander has devoured it in just one sitting.  Also gone is a new package of cinnamon bread, bought on Friday.  But since I discovered that a slice of that bread was two points, and not the one point I thought it was, it’s been eliminated from my eating repertoire.  I make a salad.  Only two points for the dressing.  So far so good.

But then I continue, as I’m still hungry.  Two small slices of a layered chocolate cake from Zabars (called a pyramid cake).  I give my little snack 10 points, and promise myself that tomorrow I’ll eat better.

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