Monday, August 1, 2011

afternoon escape (lyn)

Crazy, steaming weather.  In the winter I can add layers, but in the summer there's a limit to what I can take off.  Give me a cold, snowy day anytime.  The more violent the weather, the better.  But a humid day, with temperatures soaring past 90, these kind of days I’d be happy to skip, forever.

To escape the heat, and to make up for my total lack of activity this past weekend, I go to an afternoon movie in midtown, Sarah’s Key.  I walk the 1.5 miles there (and back), and try to think cool thoughts.  Get to the theater, and there’s a line, about 18-deep.  I am the only person in it who is not buying a senior ticket.  It feels good to be among the youngest.

The cool dark movie theater is the perfect afternoon escape.  It's too hot to even think about food.  

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