Sunday, August 29, 2010

boots (lyn)

Last year, around this time, I decided to go shopping for a pair of dressy knee-high leather boots for the fall.  It had been a very long time since I’d purchased a pair, once I got hooked on UGGS (which I discovered in Australia in 1997, long before they were popular here).

It was not difficult finding the perfect boot.  Supple black leather, a two-inch heel, and a rubber sole is an easy-to-find combination.  What was difficult, however, was finding a pair that fit.  I was mortified to discover that I could not find one pair of knee-high boots that I could slip over my calves.  

My favorite pair was by Gravati.  I found them at Bergdorf’s and fell in love.  But it was a short-lived romance.  When the salesperson at Bergdorf’s brought these boots over, I struggled to zip them up.  The salesperson told me of a place where I could bring the boots to be stretched.  Did she really think I’d buy a pair of boots that didn’t fit in the hope that maybe they could be stretched enough to fit over my calf?  She must have seen desperation in my eyes as I actually considered her suggestion.  In the end, I was too devastated to look at more knee-high boots, and settled instead on a pair of ankle-high Fiorentini-Baker motorcycle boots.

So now I’m looking again.  Today I go back to Bergdorf’s, and again ask for the size 8 1/2 knee-high black leather Gravati boots with a two-inch heel. 

This time, I put them on and they zip up easily.  They look gorgeous.  I imagine wearing them over a pair of black legging jeans, or a short black skirt.  They are sexy and luxurious.  And expensive.  I walk away without buying them.  Knowing that they fit is good enough. Well, almost.

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