Tuesday, August 24, 2010

every picture tells a story (lyn)

I go to my annual mammogram and take my IPhone so I can play Scrabble while I’m waiting.  It helps divert my attention from why I am here.

I’m done with the mammogram and am waiting to be called for the sonogram, when the technician comes in and tells me she needs to take one of the films again.  It makes me nervous but I’m told it’s routine.  The technician re-takes the mammogram, I have the sonogram, and then I wait for my doctor whom I see once a year.

She walks into the sonogram room carrying my mammogram films.  The first thing she says, before even looking up at me, is, “Did you lose a lot of weight?”  “Yes, 40 pounds,” I respond.  “I can tell from your mammogram.  That’s why I asked for one of the scans to be taken again.  Your breasts have changed size.”

Interesting what a mammogram can show.

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