Sunday, August 29, 2010

for peet's sake (m)

Saturday morning.  Had an appointment at 9:30 a.m. to meet a friend's daughter at Peet's Coffee in the next town.  J is applying to business schools and wanted to discuss the process with me and get some input.

I see J for the first time in about a year and she looks great.  She's lost about 15 pounds.  She's tall, pretty and has dark hair and large almond-shaped brown eyes.  She went to Smith and did well majoring in neuroscience while playing 4 sports.

J gets a table for us while I order the drinks: a soy vanilla latte for her. Green tea for me.  Simple, yes?

Mia is our "server" at the register.  The line is long and the man in front of me is taking forever.  So many questions are being asked of him and he's taking his time answering them with an "um" in front of each answer.  Who knew there was so much to ordering coffee?

Now it's my turn.  I ask for a medium vanilla latte with soy milk for J.

Mia: Did you say medium?
Me: Yes, medium.
Mia: Hot or cold?
Me: Hot (doesn't one normally say iced when they want it cold?)
Mia: Sugar free vanilla syrup or regular vanilla syrup?
Me: Regular (J can afford the calories, plus I don't know if the sugar free would taste good to her)
Mia: For here or to go?
Me: (now I'm annoyed) What difference does it make?
Mia: Well, if it's for here, we don't put a lid on it.
Me: Don't worry about the lid.  I'll put it on myself.
Mia: Will that be all?
Me: No, I'd like a green tea for myself.
Mia: We don't have that.
Me: Okay, I'll have a medium vanilla latte with skim milk and the sugar-free syrup.
Mia: Hot or cold?
Me:  Hot! (now I'm frustrated as hell).  A HOT, MEDIUM Vanilla latte with SKIM milk and SUGAR-FREE syrup.  In a cup, with a LID.  For HERE.
Mia: (Seemingly sensing no irony or anger on my part...smiles broadly). Thank you!

I turn around, the line is even longer now.  I'm exhausted. 

This is why I go to Dunkin' Donuts.

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