Thursday, August 26, 2010

life again, as usual (lyn)

It amazes me how much money I can spend doing nothing.  I returned home on Sunday, and since then, I’ve:

  • Ordered Alexander’s books.

  • Bought school supplies online from Staples (I once forgot and went in person over Labor Day weekend; I remember waiting in line for over 45 minutes).

  • Bought Alexander a new backpack (his current one is taped together).

  • Spent time at the Post Office:  mailing out some books I sold on Amazon; shipping clothes back to my mom’s to hold for me for next summer; and buying stamps.

  • Refilled Alexander’s Metrocard, as he needs to be up at school every day for Football practice.

  • Replenished our food supply:  lots of fruit, VitaMuffins, water, orange juice, bagel thins, salad stuff, vegetables, etc.…if you opened the fridge door it would now shout, “well-stocked and healthy.”

I think I’ve already spent more money in the four days I’ve been home than I spent all of the previous days in August.  

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