Monday, August 23, 2010

home again (lyn)

Get up early.  Open my front door and there’s the New York Times.  Turn on the TV and see Matt and Meredith.  Start the Keurig and make some coffee.  Turn on my computer to check my emails.  Soon I’ll go over and visit Becky, Sam and Karen.  I like the familiarity of my life.

Alexander begins football practice today.  In two weeks school will start.  I think I will most remember this summer for our many college trips, the heat, and how enjoyable our time on the Cape was.  No major fights or dramas.   Just a lot of laughs and good times.

So now that I’m home, I find myself doing things I haven’t done in over two weeks:

  • Watching TV (saw none while away)
  • Reading the NY Times every morning (didn’t do this at all while gone)
  • Getting on the scale in the morning (again, this has been absent from my morning routine); today it read 120.2
  • Tracking what I eat (will begin again on Wednesday, the start of my ww week)
  • Seeing money evaporate as soon as I walk out the door
  • Being more social (for the most part, I’m happy at the Cape doing nothing)
  • Not walking in the morning (a habit I want to change as soon as school starts; it’s still too hot here)
  • Planning dinner for 7 or later
  • Facing my dire financial situation
  • Hearing myself only being referred to as Lyn (never Linder or even Linda)
  • Having everything I want to do right outside my door (except, of course, the beach).

Wherever I am, it always feels good to come home. 

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