Saturday, August 28, 2010

dinner with friends (lyn)

Zelia wakes me when she calls this morning at 10.  Normally I’d have been up for at least two hours, but last night I awoke around two, sick to my stomach.  I think I was being punished for what I’d eaten a few hours before.

Zelia, Shari and I got together for dinner last night, something we hadn’t done since May.  We decide on Le Magnifique, a little French restaurant we all like.    

I decide I’m thin enough, and order what I want.  A Cosmopolitan to start.  Although I rarely drink, every now on then I like the feeling of being a little high.  And for me, that can be achieved with just one drink.  Next, I have one and a half pieces of the crusty French bread.  I order Branzino (my new favorite fish) as my main course with a lemon butter sauce and a side of fries (despite the influence of my friends who order vegetables).  For dessert, the three of us share two (an apple tartin and some kind of chocolate delight, both with ice cream) and I order a cappuccino with skim milk.  I later calculate the dinner at 33 points.  Considering I’m allowed 18 a day, that’s almost two days worth of eating.

I think that my maintenance strategy is not going to be to increase my daily points by up to 4, which I’m told I can do.  Instead, I like the idea of just splurging when I want, providing the when can be controlled.

It’s 3:15 now, and I’ve only eaten a VitaMuffin, coffee with half and half, and some small tomatoes.  I think I’m suffering residual guilt.

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