Thursday, August 26, 2010

competition on the cape (m)

Harrison's summer competition is on Cape Cod.  Sounds idyllic and that was the whole premise.  A summer skating competition amidst the dunes on the Cape!  Come, stay awhile!  Make your family vacation plans around this event!

The reality is that we were stuck in a rink for two days....the nearest hotel was in Hyannis, right next to the airport where small planes come and go all hours of the day and night.  No other guys showed up in his group, so he was the only skater.

Practice began very early.  So early that after a night of hearing planes and getting no sleep, I put ketchup on my oatmeal.  Then he practiced.  Lunch was at the rink.  I ordered one of those big pretzels.  They put butter on it and cooked it.  It took four napkins to wipe off the butter and salt.  I ate half.

In the afternoon, he competed.   He skated well even though he said, "It's difficult to motivate yourself when you are the only one." Dinner was at a "pub" nearby.  The only non-red-meat-non-fried-fish option was something with almonds and honey baked on a piece of white fish.  Vile.  So, I ate the onion rings.  Was disgusted with myself for doing that.  First fried food in a long, long time.

Went back to the hotel lounge (such as it is) and one of the other mothers who arrived later that evening asked me to join her at the bar and keep her company while she ate her dinner.  A pizza from the brick oven at the hotel bar.  I white-knuckled it as I watched the cheese drip from her pizza.  She ate half a pizza and offered me some.  After the onion rings, I knew it would be all over if I ate the pizza so I drank diet Coke.  No pizza.

Went to bed hungry.  Talked to Sam on the Blackberry messenger.  He and his friend, J, were about to climb the bridge in Sydney, Australia.  They had to wear harnesses.  J's afraid of heights.  I was up all night waiting for them to text me that they were okay.  At about 5 a.m. I got a message they were fine and the climb was " experience of my life."

Same drill on Saturday.  Practice, competition.  I ate yogurt for breakfast and turkey for lunch.  After a carb-heavy day, the protein was a welcome relief.  During a break in the activities, I walked over to the nearby flea market.  Bought some MAC cosmetics (waiting for my eyes to fall out) and a "Burberry" eyeglass case for $1.  The lining had to be glued back in but it's holding up well.  Also bought some spoon chimes for Lyn's father.

My husband brings my mother down from Boston for the afternoon event.  Harrison skates to Jesus Christ Superstar and scores over 100 points....his personal best.  He comes over and hugs my mother and thanks her for coming.  She's thrilled.  The parents all fuss over her and inquire about her health.  It's amazing how a little attention to someone goes a long way.  Especially with the elderly.

After a long day, I send Harrison off to go with some skaters to a party and Six Flags on Sunday.  My husband takes my mother back to Boston.

And I head to Lyn's parents for my annual visit on the way home from the Cape.

At this point, I've consumed only 10 points.  I feel good knowing dinner is a low-point lobster.

But first, I stop off at the Mashpee Commons to buy some things to bring to Lyn's parents house for dinner.

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