Wednesday, September 7, 2011

another long rainy day (lyn)

I haven’t been to Weight Watchers since August 10, so I go this morning, just to weigh-in. It’s raining for the third day in a row, but it feels nice to walk in it.  I weigh exactly the same as a month ago, 121.6. 

While I’m there, I pick up two boxes of their multi-grain crisps, and have some crisps with tuna for lunch.

I finish This Beautiful Life by Helen Schulman.  It’s based on a sexting scandal that happened at Horace Mann a few months before Alexander started in 2004.  It reminds me once again how smart kids can do such stupid things. 

I make lamb chops with vegetables for dinner, and then Robyn comes over and we watch a Netflix movie, Random Hearts.  It’s kind of cheesy, not award-winning, but fun to watch on a rainy night.

I just re-read what I’ve written and it reminds me of my diary entries from half a century ago.
  • Today Valerie and I counted how many station wagons we saw on the way to Nana Sally’s house.  She won; she always does; I wonder if she’s cheating?  (Turns out she was, as she didn't want to count anything so whatever number I counted, she said one number higher).
  •  Mom made spaghetti for dinner.  I unloaded the dishwasher and set the table so I didn’t have to do the dishes after dinner.
  •  Marcie came over and we worked on our dance to Blame it on the Bossa Nova.  I hope Mrs. Sheehan lets us perform again. 
Today’s posting sounds as juvenile as the ones I used to write.  At my core, I must still be 11.

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