Friday, September 9, 2011

up to medfield (lyn)

Last night alerts are issued for a possible car or truck bomb attack on New York City and Washington.  Homeland Security describes the source as “specific, credible, but unconfirmed.”  Ten years ago the threats started, and today they are still here.  Just as we assumed they would be. 

I go to Grand Central to take a train to Stamford, where I meet Val and Abbey for a drive up to Massachusetts. Police armed with automatic weapons are everywhere.  It’s nice to be leaving town this weekend.

The drive up is peacefully uneventful.  Val’s picked up sandwiches-- roast beef with Russian dressing and real potato chips, not the fake Pringles I'm accustomed to eating.  I am over-fed already and the weekend has barely started.

We get to Jean’s house in Medfield and she greets us with homemade chocolate chip cookies.   I can’t resist eating a few and later we watch the news. I tear up, we all do, as we watch the horror of 9-11 again.  Even Access Hollywood begins their broadcast with an atypical headline, "NYC is in lockdown again as the search continues for three men …”  

Being in the country, we drive down some dark, winding roads to have dinner at Jean and Jim’s golf club.  The countryside is beautiful, and despite the lack of lights, the bright moon guides us to our destination (along with Jack, our 14-year old human GPS).  We eat heartily (me with a 12 ounce steak and carrot cake for dessert).  While there is some serious talk, most of the dinner conversation (if not the dinner itself) is light.  It’s nice to be together.

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