Tuesday, September 20, 2011

where in the world... (m)

....have you been?

I've been asked that a lot lately.  I'm sorry I haven't been writing.  I have been too depressed and busy.  Depressed about my friend, Anne, which also rekindled my grief for my mother;  and busy with all the activities this time of year brings.

I will try to summarize the last few weeks for you:

  • Went off my diet and gained 5 pounds, mostly from eating carbohydrates which I crave when I get emotional.
  • Went back to the weekly Weight Watchers' meetings with my husband and lost the 5 pounds.  I feel like I've got my groove back.
  • Took on the task of babysitting my brother Phil's dog Charlie while my brother and sister-in-law went to a wedding in the Azores.  For two weeks.  
  • Welcomed back my 28 year-old nephew who returned to live with us during the same time I took the dog (his dog) in.  My nephew is pursuing a joint JD/MBA and finds Sam's room most conducive to studying.
  • Accepted a board position unwittingly (thought I was in the running but was never informed until someone on the board congratulated me).  Got invited to their annual golf tournament which promises to be a rip-roaring time complete with after-golf drinks at the "cigar bar".  
  • Kicked off the senior parents' dinner.  Got into a huge argument with my co-parent who sent me the nastiest email I've ever gotten.  Had to address the parents, teachers and kids at the dinner.  Walked into a roomful of 300 people and had to go onstage to deliver my remarks.  Not a problem, just not what I was led to expect.
  • Went to a 50th wedding anniversary and sat across from a woman who is, I think, bigger than I am and somehow the conversation got to Weight Watchers. She volunteered her weight which is 30 pounds lighter than mine. Wanted to kill myself until my husband later said, "No way she weighs that." And then added, "How did you even wind up in a conversation with her about Weight Watchers.  That would never happen between two men." 
Oh...and just arrived in Romania with Harrison for a major competition.

I missed you guys.  Feels good to talk to you again.



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