Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a matter of perspective (m)

Back-to School Night at Harrison's school is tonight.  This is where the parents meet the teachers of every class, hear about the curriculum, ask questions.  There's a reception beforehand with food and drink.  I have some canteloupe and then my husband and I head to the first class.

I won't bore you with the details but I will tell you that I ran into 4 people from my past.  I didn't even know their kids were at the school. 


Here we go.

#1-- "M...it's me, Colleen!"  Colleen is an acquaintance from college.  I haven't seen her since 1977.  In those 34 years, I have gained, lost, gained, lost.  I figure I'm up a net of 60 pounds since I last saw her. Yet, somehow, she recognizes me.

#2.--(this one has a nasal twang) "Oh, my God, M!  What are YOU doing here?"  It's Jeff, someone with whom I used to work.  Last saw him in 1989.  I'm up 50 pounds since he last saw me.  At first, I thought the weight gain went unnoticed until he saw T and said, "Well YOU look the same!"  Ouch.

#3--"Hi!  How are you?  You look great."  This is the sister of our former next door neighbor.  We moved in 1998.  I'm down about 50 pounds since then.

#4-"Hey...I see you are keeping the weight off."  This from Lisa, a woman who is working on the new rink project with me.  She helped us secure the new site a year ago.  While this would sound good, it reminds me that I've made no progress in a year.

All in all, a kick ass night.

As in, kick in the ass.

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