Monday, September 26, 2011

fitbit (lyn)

A few months back, someone at Weight Watchers told me about Fitbit.  A couple of weeks ago I order one.  And today, finally, I take it out of the box and set it up.

This tiny little thing, described as a “wireless personal trainer” is, I hope, going to be my fitness inspiration.  I am heavily into keeping track of things, and this little device does it all.

The set up is easy.  Basically, I download the program and charge the device through my computer via a USB cable. That’s it.  I attach the Fitbit to my bra and forget about it.

I walk around doing errands.  Up to Madison, down to 60th Street (from 79th), up to 82nd and home.  At the end of the day I pass my computer and pull up my chart, I see that I walked 13,298 steps or 7.05 miles. I exceeded a 10,000 daily step goal and did better than the average Fitbit user who averaged 3.6 miles.

 I hope it’s accurate and that the novelty doesn’t wear off.

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