Saturday, September 3, 2011

a change in plans (lyn)

I email Jill about getting together tonight and seeing a movie.  She’s free, but says there is no movie worth seeing.  I email her back with a list of seven movies, and she likes all my choices.  We decide to see Point Blank at a theater in the Village.  I check the times, and write back:  "We could go to the 5:20 (meet at theater at 5:10) and have dinner after."  She writes back, “Bingo!  I love an easy plan.

We meet on schedule.  I arrive a few minutes after Jill and see her in conversation with the ticket taker.  They are discussing the schedule.  The movie we had come to see is playing at 3pm and 9:20pm.  Not at 5:20, as the New York Times had listed.

I google “movies playing 10003” and we decide to see The Debt at 7:15 instead.  We have two hours to kill so now we’ll eat before the movie vs. after.  I had imagined an inexpensive healthy dinner.  Only the first adjective of what I had imagined is realized.

We go to L’Express, a French bistro not far from the theater.  My brain tells me to order the nicoise salad but my stomach can’t resist the burger and fries with blue cheese.  The fries, while good, are not of the quality I’d expect from the French. 

As always with Jill, the conversation never lags, and while we are waiting for the bill, she tells me a story that delays our leaving the restaurant by a half hour. 

The movie is entertaining enough, despite its many improbable twists.  I walk the almost four miles home and feel slightly less guilty about dinner.

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