Tuesday, September 27, 2011

weigh-in (lyn)

Zelia and I drive to Brasilia Ville Grill in Queens.  Here, in this non-descript small restaurant, food is priced by weight.  The set up is simple: 
  • Take a plastic plate. 
  • Then help yourself to the food bar.  Picture a salad bar with all sorts of things on it, none of which are recognizable (except for the grilled corn).
  • Next, go to the back open window and tell the guy behind the window the cut of meat you want.  (The sirloin is outstanding).  Specify how you want it cooked (I always get medium rare).  The man then slices pieces off a skewer until you say, “Enough.”
  • Bring your plate to the cashier who then weighs your plate and tells you what you owe.  You can also pick up a drink here (I get the Diet Coke).
Zelia wastes her weight by getting a small amount of the sirloin but adds sausage and some kind of fried Brazilian thing.  Her non-meat items are heavy.  Hers comes to $4.98. I get “lighter” foods (as in they weigh less) and lots and lots of sirloin.   Mine weighs in at $7.91.

We split a slice of flan for dessert and it’s so good I buy one to take home. Under $30 for the two of us, including what we take home --- definitely worth plastic plate-dining and the 20-minute drive to get here.

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