Wednesday, September 21, 2011

just google it (lyn)

I go to Weight Watchers with Gail, my 5’11” beautiful friend.  She tells me that I’ve inspired her to join.  It’s exciting for both of us.

Gail weighs in with the hope of “being under 250;” she is.  Maintaining weight is not exciting; losing it is. Gail is committed, and I know she’ll be successful.  It’ll be fun to watch her shrink.

At the end of class, we both stay for Steve’s presentation for newcomers.  This includes Gail, a women who “just wants to hear about the program,” and a lifetime member who has come back after years away.  She is confused about the new points plus program. 

“How do I account for the point value of a tablespoon of milk, when etools only provides the value measured in cups?” she asks. “I don’t remember how many tablespoons there are in a cup.”  My advice, “Just google it.”  She looks at me, now even more confused.  “You can do that?  Really?  How?   I thought Google was just for looking up names.”

In contrast to this, when I was home recently, my mom wanted information on my dad’s retirement fund.  She asked, “Can you just google it for me?”  As if by doing a google search, my dad’s retirement account would pop up and voila, there would be his balance. 

I guess my mom’s assumption is closer to the truth than the woman today who thought Google was a search engine for names.  Imagine the fun she’s going to have now that she knows what she can find on Google.  A lot more than 16 tablespoons equal one cup.

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