Friday, September 23, 2011

enjoying the wait (lyn)

I’m one of those people who will buy something and then savor the purchase by not using it right away.  For example, here are some things I still haven’t used:

  • The gorgeous grown-up Prada tote my sister bought me for my birthday in March.  I already have a plan to begin wearing it to the family dinners around the Jewish Holidays (providing it doesn't rain).
  • A $50 gift certificate to All Saints that a friend also gave me for my birthday.  I love their clothes and am waiting for the right occasion to buy something from them.
  • A Postcard winter coat that I bought two years ago, exchanged unworn for a smaller size a year later, and still haven’t worn.  This winter I definitely will.  It’s a fabulous coat, and still being sold and coveted.
  • A certificate for a free spa manicure/pedicure and massage that Karen gave me last December before leaving for Ireland.  it was a thank you gift for watching Sam and Rebecca (although letting me watch them was present enough).
  • A pair of black Christian Dior flats that were purchased on sale, two summers ago, after I paid a Shivah call and realized I had no appropriate black flats to wear with black summery pants.
  • Two pair of shearling boots (one black, one brown) that I “stole” at the end of last season for a ridiculously low price.  These I will wear as soon as the weather allows it.
  • An electric salad dressing mixer that I bought at William Sonoma a couple of years ago after eating my sister’s fantastic dressing that she made using a blender.
Maybe this is why I actually enjoyed the process of losing weight.  It took a while to get to where I wanted to be, but I could see the prize the whole time. 

Skinny jeans vs. an order of fries?  Easy choice if you don’t’ mind waiting a bit.

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