Wednesday, September 28, 2011

start of the jewish holidays (lyn)

Tonight, 13 of us are at Jill’s for Rosh Hashanah.  Michael is in from LA and looks very Hollywood-ish with face scruff and longish hair.  He is filming a movie that he also wrote and directed.  He has to maintain his character’s look in case anything needs to be re-shot.  His brothers tease him that shooting would be delayed several months if he shaved his scruff and had to wait for it to re-grow. 

I make the mistake of eating little today (a scone and some fat-free-cost-free yogurt that was being offered as a sample on the street) and arrive famished.  Jill (Abbey’s sister) has put out a table full of much-loved Jewish-centric appetizers:  gefilte fish, chopped liver, challah, applesauce, and latkes.

I take some of everything.  When I use my hand to take a latke, Valerie says, “Use a fork.”  “But I’m only touching the food I’m eating,” I say. I’m embarrassed and know she’s right.  But her three sons give me conspiratorial smiles and all take a latke with their hands while announcing, “I’m only touching the ones I’m eating."

Dinner is excellent.  I have the matzo ball soup, grilled chicken, rice, vegetables, and cranberry sauce, skipping only the brisket and spinach souffle.   I over-indulge in the cookies and cakes that are offered for dessert.  Again, I mess up by taking a slice of the cinnamon-raisin babka roll without using a fork.  Again, Valerie reminds me. I feel like a barbarian.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I love getting together with my family.  All the teasing is done in jest, and there are always many laughs.  I really think we like each other.

I am not religious and won’t be going to temple tomorrow.  But I do believe in a supreme being, and pray to him that all those I love have a sweet new year, and that everyone gets included  in the Book of Life.

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