Wednesday, September 28, 2011

some things do change (lyn)

My Fitbit is inspiring me to move more.  I walk the 3 or so miles to my hair salon on the west side.  I arrive early and hungry.  I stop at the only nearby place I can see to eat.  Joe’s is an upscale coffee shop (as in $2.50 for a tea and a line out the door) that has sugar-free blueberry scones.  I buy and eat one and probably wipe out any benefit of the walk.

I bring a picture of the hair cut and color I want.  It’s a picture of me from 1997.

Tina, my hairdresser, looks at it, and asks, “Is that you?”  Today my hair is a mess of frizz, I am wearing no make-up, and I certainly don't look as good as I did in the picture I've brought.

She then adds, “Well, you shouldn’t really go as dark as you were back then.  First, your gray will show too quickly, and second, it’ll magnify your imperfections.”  A nice way of saying, “You had few then but you have a lot now.”  I tell her she can do whatever she wants. 

At least my size is unchanged from 1997.

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