Thursday, September 29, 2011

not like old times (m)

Upon my return from Romania, I looked ahead to my schedule for this week...big mistake... a board presentation on Wednesday night and a meeting at the medical school on Thursday.  I was only semi-prepared for the med school meeting as I had brought a stack of reading materials with me to Romania and thought I had a few days to collect my thoughts and put a presentation together when I got back.

Instead, I got an email while in Romania from the chairman of the finance committee at the skating club.  The Board wants a full update on spending for the new rink....and he's in Moscow.  I would have to give the presentation instead of him. 

I spend the better part of Monday and Tuesday collecting data for the first presentation.  I'm feeling stressed and fight the urge to eat.  Instead, I take the time to peel apples and get the plain, 0% Greek yogurt and a few walnuts.  That was breakfast.

The presentation was Wednesday night at 6 p.m.  These meetings are notorious for going over by alot.  I made a 5 point turkey sandwich and gobbled that up at 5 p.m. and headed to the meeting.

Came home from the meeting and had the Progresso Light soup.  Went to bed a little hungry, but felt good.

Today, I repeat the yogurt and apple for breakfast and head to the medical school.  The meeting is to start at 1 p.m.  We never talked about lunch.  They have a standing order for me from Panera.  I really don't want to eat while I'm presenting.  On the other hand, I will be starving when the meeting gets out at 3 p.m.

I have a glass of milk and a TLC bar.  That fills the hole for now.

At 3:30, I leave the meeting realizing that despite back to back stressful situations, I managed to stay in control of my eating.

If only I had this self control all those years I was working, I wouldn't be in the mess I am in today.

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