Tuesday, September 6, 2011

our calls (lyn)

I speak to Alexander every day.  Zelia thinks it’s too much.  She says I’m in denial.  I don’t think so.  I love hearing his voice. 

He calls me often, but our conversations are brief, and never about his missing me.  In fact, when I ask him, he admits that he doesn’t miss me at all.  I actually am glad, as it means he is happy.

The reason he calls is never just to talk.  It’s usually to answer an important question, like:
  • Can I put my terry cloth bathrobe in the washing machine?
  • I’m applying to a club that helps people in Ghana; there is no specific person to write to.  How do I address it? 
  • Can I buy new speakers for my computer and will you pay for it?
  • I need to return a book that cost $200 and I lost the receipt.  What do I do?
  • Can you send me my poker chips?
  • Can I buy a bike?
  • Can I change my meal plan if I want to? 
Although sometimes Alexander will call just to tell me things he must think I'd like to know, like:
  • I'm trying out for the rugby club.   I mean really, could he possibly find a more injury-prone sport?  Fortunately, he changed his mind; or
  • Did you know that Cornell is ranked 13th as the top party school in The US.  The only other top ranked school is Duke, and they came in 20th.  Such thrilling news!
When I ask Alexander a question regarding his having to do something, his immediate response is always, “I have to go now.  Love you.  Bye.”

There is one subject, though, where I have gotten answers: the food.  This is what I've learned:
  • It’s very good. 
  • I like using Big Red Bucks to buy food; it's better than the food at the cafeterias.
  • I  go to Collegetown Bagels almost every day.
  • I usually have a few handfuls of Special-K cereal for breakfast (it’s in his room, and no, he doesn’t need a bowl or silverware; I asked).
Without Alexander, I fear I am eating more.  Our conversations were filling. 

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