Saturday, September 3, 2011

when it's worth it to pay more (lyn)

M and I are discussing the made-to order Fendi bags as she’s considering one too.   “I don’t get it, “ she says.  “If all the selleria bags are handmade anyways, why would there be a 38% upcharge just to have a different color leather?”  Good question.  I will pursue it.

I call Fendi and John answers.  He speaks politely with a sophisticated British accent.  He's made-to-order for his job.  I ask him about the upcharge.

John:  Well, ma’am, the bags are all handmade.

Me:  I know they are.  But they are all handmade even if I don’t custom order a particular color.

John: Yes, ma’am, but this way, you’ll have your own Fendi bag that no one else has.

Me:  Well that’s not really true.  I mean, someone else could order the same color I’ve ordered, couldn’t they?

John:  Well, yes, I suppose they could.

Me:  And besides, I hardly see anyone anyways with the small messenger bag.  And even if I did, it wouldn’t bother me in the least.

John:  Ma’am, we sell exotic animal skin bags that cost $36,000.  People buy these because they are one of a kind.

Me:  Well, John, I think it would be ridiculous to spend that much on a bag, regardless of how much money you have.  (And besides, I think but don’t say, as I’m sure I have already aggravated John enough, if they are all custom made anyway, by definition every bag is one-of-a-kind).

This morning I go to the Farmer’s Market.  Their fresh, one-of-a-kind corn is more than I’d pay at D’Agastino’s.  That upcharge is worth it.  I buy four ears.

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