Thursday, September 15, 2011

starting a business is difficult (lyn)

Last year when Alexander was applying to colleges, I became an expert on the process.  I had spreadsheets so no deadline was missed.  I had the required essays, by school, compiled in one document.  And I helped Alexander come up with strong, compelling answers to the many questions he was asked.  As McCann Erikson has been saying for years, communication is about Truth Well Told.  Everyone has a story to tell, but how the story gets told is what counts.

I decide to enter the large and growing college-consulting business.  I accumulate the names of parents whose children are seniors.  I buy 500 pre-printed envelopes with my return address.   I get a very nice label maker to make it easy to type the addresses.

I agonize over the letter I eventually send out.  I struggle coming up with the right fee structure…. less than my competition because I’m new, but enough to make it worth the effort. I consult with friends.  I read up on my competition.  I do my homework.

In July, I mail out 98 letters; no one responds.

In August, I mail out 75 letters; again, not one response.

I do have one client who was referred through a friend.

Today I will send out more emails.  No response is no response, so there seems to be no reason to do the postal mailings which require a lot more effort and expense.  I'm sure I can find other uses for my new label maker and pre-printed return envelopes.

It’s hard to market with no budget.  I wish making money were as easy as losing weight.  Spending it certainly is.

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