Wednesday, September 21, 2011

met the roommate today (m)\

When I did a rotation in the sales force of my company back in 1983, I got assigned a roommate.  In the marketing department where I came from, we were allowed private rooms on business trips.  I was not happy to have a roommate.

The woman they paired me up with was so happy to see me.  Apparently, every other person she had roomed with had complained about her for one reason or another and so my being "the new girl," they gave her to me.

I met her at a meeting in Cincinnati.  She was expressing milk as she had a new baby at home.  Imagine seeing bottles of some stranger's milk in the jar of the bathroom you had to share with her.  I threw up.

So, I have been avoiding meeting my new roommate in Romania.  I wait for her to leave the room to go to breakfast and I go back at the last possible minute at night.

This afternoon, I went back in the room to get an adaptor to lend to Harrison.  She was there.

Let me describe my new roommate to you.

1. She's gorgeous
2. She's an elegant dresser
3. She is an Olympic silver medalist and three-time World Champion in ice dancing.
4. She's incredibly nice.

Here I was thinking I didn't want to meet her, and she's probably thinking, "How did they pair me up with that American cow?"

I feel so inadequate that I go to my room and eat a Kashi bar.

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