Wednesday, September 21, 2011

lost in the park (lyn)

I’m meeting Corinne for a screening of Moneyball on the westside.  I decide to walk the1.5 miles or so there.

I leave around 6:30 under grey skies.  I enter Central Park at Fifth and 79th and it begins to rain.  It’s a warm, humid night and my hair is now drastically compromised.  The keratin treatment from May is no longer in play.

I get lost in thought as the sun begins to set.  I see a sign that says the park closes at dusk, but the many bicyclists and runners are oblivious to it.  It’s a very busy place.  The drizzly rain has become a steady downpour.  The lights of the park come on as the sun disappears.   After twenty minutes of walking on a very windy road I come to a park exit.  As I approach it, I see a green street sign, Fifth Av.  Five blocks from where I entered.  I’ve walked in a horseshoe.  Twenty minutes of walking and I’m nowhere.

I enter the park again, and soon have no idea where west is (made obvious by the fact that I entered on the eastside and exited on the eastside).  I’m not scared despite the darkness as the park is filled with exercisers.  After asking about five people, every few feet, I get back on track and make it to my destination.

I am sweaty from the humidity and rain.  My hair looks clownish.  But the movie is one of the best I’ve seen all year.   I predict that Brad Pitt will be nominated for best actor and maybe even Jonah Hill for best supporting. 

I take the bus home.

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