Wednesday, September 21, 2011

lessons from charlie (m)

So, I babysat my brother's dog for 2 weeks.  We got off to a rocky start.  The first evening, I had to get the dog and bring him to my home, feed him, and then leave him there so I could go to the rink to watch Harrison.

I didn't have baby gates to block off the access to the second floor of my home.  When we got home, I heard this ungodly wail coming from the second floor. "Harrison!  I think Charlie is in trouble!  Hurry!  We have to find him!"  I raced up the stairs, and stepped in a huge pile of dog poo.   Barefoot.  I was horrified.


"What about Charlie?" Harrison asked.

"Screw the dog!  Get me the wipes!!!" I shrieked.  Seriously, if I had a chainsaw next to me at that moment, I would have hacked my foot off.

Scrubbing my foot until it almost bled, I wondered aloud how we were going to make it through the two weeks.

The next day, I installed baby gates at all the access points to the second floor.  Then I called my friend, V, to ask for advice.

V loves dogs and has lots of experience with them.  V suggested Charlie go to school to get trained.   V takes this challenge on herself.  She will pick up the dog, keep him at her house overnight and take him to school.  5 nights.  Unbelievable.  Above and beyond the call of duty for a friend.

On the last night, I joined V for the de-brief with the teacher.  I felt like part of a lesbian couple, sitting with the instructor who asked if I were Charlie's "mother."  I wanted to say yes but not his biological one.

The instructor said Charlie is very intelligent and needs lots of stimulation, both mental and physical.  He also needs lots of consistency....consistency with rules, consistency with his daily regimen.

I thank Jinnifer (or, as V points out every time...."Jinnifer with an I") for her advice.

I get Charlie home and implement the plan.  He gets the right foods in the right amounts at the right times (no scraps), goes on long walks every day, and has a bedtime ritual.

By the end of the two weeks, he's a new man.

My brother comments the day after Charlie gets home. "He's calmer and more mature."

And I lose 5 pounds following the simple regimen "Jinnifer with an I" set for the dog.

Maybe I'll write a book called A Dog's Life--The Simple Guide to Losing Weight.

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