Monday, April 16, 2012

4.2 mile walk (lyn)

I decide I don’t look fit.  Perhaps because I’m not.  Underneath my clothes there is too much jiggling going on.

Today is unseasonably warm…almost 90 degrees.  The worst kind of exercise weather.  I’d rather it be 20 degrees.  But I feel the need to walk.  Well, actually, I don’t feel the need. I’m not at the stage of having to exercise because my body is telling me to; it’s my mirror that’s doing all the talking.

It’s almost two before I leave the house.  Instead of walking in the park, I decide I’ll walk along the East River.  If I look to my right, I see water, boats, bridges, and other calming visions.  To my left, which I try to ignore, is the FDR Drive. 

I walk two miles north, and it’s hot.  I tune up my Nano and tune out the cars whizzing by.  I’m about two miles from my starting point when I decide to turnaround.  The walk back is much harder, as the sun is much hotter. 

I arrive home exhausted and reward myself with a manicure/pedicure and skinny iced cappuccino.  I’m glad I listened to my mirror.  I'm sure it'll keep talking talking; I hope I keep listening.

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