Monday, April 2, 2012

such discipline (lyn)

A few years ago, Zelia gave up drinking for a year.  It was in exchange for some request she made with G-d, though I have no idea what that was.  Zelia is not a big drinker, but she is very social, and likes good wine.  Yet for an entire year, she never wavered from her self-imposed sacrifice.

Today, after our meeting with the priest, Zelia and I stop in at a Sur La Table. An aproned employee is cooking bite-sized sausage pieces simmering in some kind of sauce.  We each try a piece.  I generally don’t like sausage, but this is amazingly good.  I try a second piece and justify it by saying, “This will be my lunch.”    I pick up the bottle of sauce.  It’s by Stonewall Kitchen and called, Maple Chipotle Grille Sauce.  Zelia sees 12 grams of sugar and passes.  I see 50 calories, 0 fat and buy it. 

Later we go to Costco. An employee there is offering a few Natural Valley Crunchy Multigrain Chips, flavored with sea salt and honey.  One serving is 3 points (I later do the computation).  Zelia sees 6 grams of sugar on the packaging and passes.  In the fruit section, I point out the gigantic box of strawberries for only $8.  Zelia is not eating fruit for a while.  Too much sugar.

On the way home, we stop by Lloyd’s Carrot Cake.  Their $2.25 slices are huge and delicious.  Zelia calls her size-zero gorgeous daughter who says no, even though she loves this cake.  Zelia declines as well.

I should move in with them for a couple of weeks.  I could lose three pounds and never have to track.

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