Monday, April 23, 2012

wrong number (lyn)

It’s cloudy and blah-looking out.  I do some work.  I finish So Pretty It Hurts by Kate White (a quick read).  I organize some more.  I find and get the perfect earring jewelry box on Zappos ( with 35 compartments.  Finally, I can see the earrings I have, instead of trying to recall them from memory. 

I bring some shoes in to be resoled.  I feed my addiction for Words With Friends (zero ww points).  I’m currently in 22 games with 12 different “friends,” some I haven’t seen or spoken to in 15 years.  I must now know all the two-letter words in the English language, but have no clue what most of them mean.  Ka?  Ki?  Aa?  Qi?

And finally, I go shopping at Fairway.  I end up at the deli counter, and take a number.  They are calling number 85 and my number says 09; it doesn’t even look that crowded.  I figure people take numbers and then leave the area to shop for other things, but I’ve done all my shopping, so I wait.  Some have one or two requests while others seem to be buying for the Duggars.  I have lots of time to observe.  It seems like some people have arrived after me, never leave the area, and are now being helped, but I can’t be sure.   Maybe they are lying about their numbers since the people behind the counter don’t check them. But who would do that?  This is a nice Upper East Side neighborhood.  Finally I hear, “91.”  I say, “Right here,” at the same time another shopper says the same thing.  We take out our numbers to compare and yes, hers clearly says 09.  She looks at my number and without smiling says, “Yours says 091.”  The 1 is very light and I didn’t notice it.  I feel idiotic, and her look confirms it.

But still, the orzo with spinach and pine nuts makes it worth the wait.  I have that and grilled shrimp for dinner.

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