Thursday, April 19, 2012

sofa saga: the conclusion (lyn)

So here’s a brief history.

July 2007
After years of looking, I find the perfect sofa.  If it takes me weeks to find the perfect little case for my iPhone, you can just imagine the time that went into finding the perfect sofa.  But I did.  It was made by Ralph Lauren, was very expensive, but it fit all my criteria.  And so I bought it, along with some $350 insurance. 

I have no idea now why I bought the insurance.  I mean, it wasn't like the sofa was going to stop working.  Imagine calling Customer Service.  "Hi, I was wondering if you could help me?  My sofa keeps ejecting people.  It's not supposed to do that.  What should I do?"   But I did buy the insurance, and now, as it turns out, that was a wise decision.

October 2011
I call Bloomingdales as I don't like the way the cushions are sagging and spouting feathers.  I'm probably the first person in their history who has ever complained about stuffing, four years after a purchase.  But miraculously, Bloomingdales sends someone to my home, and they agree to re-stuff all five seat cushions and the six large back pillows at no charge.

January 2012
Bloomingdales Customer Service tells me, three months after waiting, that the vendor no longer has the “parts.”  The parts being the stuffing on a sofa Ralph Lauren still makes.  Not happy with their response, I talk to my favorite salesperson, Gerard, and he finds a way to get the order through.

April 12, 2012
Nine gigantic packages are delivered via Fed Ex.  Everything is tightly wrapped and bubbled.  I’m shocked.  I never expected this to really happen.

April 17, 2012
Randy from Bloomingdales comes to my apartment and unpacks all the pillows, takes the old stuffing out of the cases and replaces them with the new stuffing.  Now it looks like I have a brand new sofa.

I avoid sitting on my sofa all day.  I want to preserve its newness for as long as possible.  It’s like getting the perfect parking space and never wanting to move your car.

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