Sunday, April 29, 2012

weigh-in (lyn)

As a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, I need to officially weigh-in a minimum of once per calendar month.  The other requirement is that I must maintain a weight within two pounds of my goal weight, which is 124.

A year ago exactly I weighed 121.6.  Today I’m 125.8.  Okay, I still fit in all my clothes; I’m not tracking; and I look thin.  But I’m afraid if I don’t watch it, my weight will steadily increase.  I'm still aspiring to be 121-122; I like the way that sounds.

I grew up thin, and only weighed myself when I went for annual check ups and the doctor required it.  I never thought much about food. I ate according to preference, giving no consideration to calories or health.  It was a nice ride for over 50 years.

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