Friday, April 20, 2012

eating cheaply (lyn)

Lots of things cost lots of money in Manhattan. 

Because there’s not much space on this small island, real estate is exorbitant.  Finding a studio apartment in a decent building for under $2,000 month is difficult.  And if you want to buy a two-bedroom apartment, well, the median price for that is $1.65 million.

Movies are $13.50. Restaurants are expensive.  The subway is $2.25 and going up.  It’s hard to live here and not spend money.

But now that Fairway has moved into my neighborhood, I can have a great home-cooked meal for under $5.00, as I did tonight:

 grilled chicken breast:  $2.59
¼ lb. orzo with spinach and pine nuts:  $1.25
¼ lb. fresh corn salad:  $1.00

Total Cost:  $4.84

And, it was delicious. 

It makes me feel a little less bad about the new fan I got for my room.  But I'm hoping that cost will be offset by using my air conditioner less.

I'm still working on a justification for my new Ugg (Kayla) flipflops.

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