Sunday, April 15, 2012

coffee (lyn)

I don’t really know what good coffee is supposed to taste like, and I struggle to make the perfect cup.  I have been trying out different blends at Fairway, and this week I’m making their Italian Roast.  Eileen has provided me with the perfect-sized plastic scooper, and, after much trial and error, I use one scoop per carafe cup plus a little more.

This morning I have an early-morning appointment.  I stop in a little bakery in Grand Central to pick up a cup of coffee.  I know that many places, Starbucks for example, let you add your own creams and sugars.  But a lot of places, like this one, and even Dunkin Donuts, don’t.  The very-helpful and gracious barista has trouble with my request for a cup of coffee, “on the dark side.”  Admittedly, my request is a little vague.  I feel like Goldilocks…the first try is too dark, than too light, and finally just right.  Amazingly, the sweet barista keeps smiling and apologizing, though clearly she’s not to blame. 

Then I have an idea.  Wouldn’t it be great if there were a standard definition to light, medium, dark, and the shades in-between? Someone should create a color chart, like the ones that exist for hair color.  Let’s say it’s five different shades from dark brown to light tan.  And let’s say that all baristas are trained to know that shade two, for example, translates exactly to 3 tablespoons of half and half, 2 tablespoons of cream, or 6 tablespoons of milk to achieve that color.  Buying coffee in the morning would be much easier and faster.

“Hi, I’d like a medium coffee, shade #2 please?”  And then what you’d get would be exactly what you want. 

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