Monday, April 16, 2012

readers, I need your help (lyn)

The name of this blog is Two Friends and A Diet. 

One of the friends (M) lost 70 pounds in year one, and has been stable since, though she still has about 50 pounds more she wants to lose.  The other friend (me) wanted to lose 40 pounds and did, but that was accomplished two years ago.

It’s obvious by now that M has lost interest in writing.  “I don’t have anything to say,” she tells me.  This is hardly true, as daily she fills me with stories that are blog-worthy.  Her other reason for not writing is a technical one.  She’s having trouble logging in, and neither of us can find a solution for that.

Given that my goal was accomplished two years ago, staying on topic has become increasingly difficult.  I mean really, does anyone care if I had a croissant for breakfast when I should have had fruit?

But the thought of not writing unsettles me.  Blogging has become part of what I do, and I like it.  I’ve thought about ending this blog and starting another one.  But I have no compelling topic to write about, though I’ve thought of many:
  • 60 and single (that’s not how I view myself, and besides, I’m 61)
  • a simple life in a complicated city
  • food, fashion, kids, and customer service (now there’s a compelling topic)
  • growing older (by definition everyone is, but who wants to write about that every day?)
And on and on.

In the past 30 days, people in 14 countries, representing all the continents except Antarctica, have visited this blog.  Readers from 34 states, dominated by New York, Massachusetts, California and Illinois, have seen our words.  So there must be something in them that makes this blog worth reading.  I’d love to know what that is.

Please comment on the blog in the Comments section and help me decide what to do.  I really care what you think.  Friends, and those I’ve never met, I want to hear from you. And who knows?  It may be the impetus M needs to start consistently writing again.  One can only hope.


  1. Please, please, please don't stop writing. Diet or whatever. M, I miss your stories. Haven't ever met either of you. My dear sweet friend M (not to be confused with this blog's M) told me about your blog. I've read every post ever since. It's so relatable - kids going to college, on the road for sporting events. Love, love, love the tales of customer service. Keep writing, write about food, its joys and pains. Life, just write about life. Your both so smart and witty. I've laughed many times...and even a few tears (I'm a weanie!!) Perfect with my coffee every morning. Please don't gooooo!!!

  2. Anonymous2:01 PM EDT

    I also have technical difficulties and in order to read your blog my computer automatically takes me to your first Thanksgiving entry and then I have to look to the right to see if the number for the current month is larger than the last time I checked. I must admit, I find myself checking an embarrassing number of times some days, and when I go a few days without checking--it is like a little jackpot win. So, please keep it up. And if M only occasionally pops in, that's ok too, she is hysterical and warm. L--your product reviews are helpful too, you are real and honest. So refreshing

  3. Anonymous4:57 PM EDT

    (From a friend of mine in Chicago)

    I enjoy your blog a lot and I’m a tough critic. There are things about the two of us that are so very different and things that we have in common and I enjoy that and I enjoy your perspective on things that seem a little contradictory or just plain silly and/or stupid when you think about it. I like how you can laugh at yourself and when you talk about some of your foibles, particularly the ones I share, I love it because I think that nobody does this or nobody thinks this and then I read about it. I’m sure other people feel the same way.

    There are a lot of us that are getting to the point where demographically speaking it is starting to stretch it a bit when we call ourselves “middle aged” but I still don’t have an AARP card (altho I’m thinking about it). I think our age is a challenging time. I talk to people on the phone all the time who are even a few years younger than we are and sound so old and consider themselves old. They also think and move slower like older people and I pray that I am not deluding myself in thinking I am nothing like them. Your blog shows that you have accepted how old you are chronologically but have not lost your youth and it’s refreshing and inspiring to read. Some women get all this plastic surgery, wear clothes totally inappropriate to their age even if they have the figure for it. I guess what I’m trying to say it’s that it’s tough to balance staying youthful while aging gracefully. You manage to do it….keeping your curiosity, your sense of fun and the ridiculous, your quick intelligence and most importantly your looks(!) You stay stylish without looking like a 60 year old woman who is trying to look 20…that’s what I mean about aging gracefully. Maybe aging is not the right word. I always think that a person should never mature when it comes to having fun but when a person stays a little girl when facing life’s problems, well, that person is an idiot…that’s my philosophy.

    When my dad was in the hospital, dying for the fifth or sixth time, I went into their gift shop and purchased these horrid looking gifts (they had a 75% off sale on these very expensive figurines) as birthday presents for 3 of my friends because I really had no time for shopping and because I wanted to see them squirm and pretend they liked it. I made a big deal about them. When it came to my dad, though, I was right there holding his hand, talking to the docs, propping up my brother, and being a responsible caring very adult daughter.

    So I think you should continue your blog and if you don’t want to call it “Diet Girl”, call it something like…well, I can’t think of anything clever right now.

    I know that I enjoy writing a lot. I think about a blog and I may do one. Writing is a release to me and gets a lot out. I think you enjoy it like I do. If you still like doing your blog, keep it up because I think most people enjoy reading it.