Wednesday, April 18, 2012

rosle (lyn)

My kitchen is tiny, cheap and ugly.  The appliances work so my building won’t replace them, despite there being well-past middle age.  My cabinet doors are not evenly balanced but they do close, so those can’t be replaced either. This, anyway, is my justification for making sure that what goes in the drawers and cabinets, or on the stove, looks good. 

A couple of years ago I discovered the brand Rosle. It’s a German company that manufactures beautiful kitchen utensils.  Over time, I’ve bought:
  • A spaghetti spoon for the pasta I never make
  • A perforated spatula that I don’t think I have ever used
  • A slotted spoon that I frequently forget I have and therefor infrequently use
  • A ladle that I love
  • A bottle opener for the few bottles I need to open
  • A vegetable peeler 
  • An award-winning can opener that is mind-bogglingly difficult to use
  • An apple/pear slicer that makes the sliced fruit taste better, really
Last week I needed to open a can and the impossible-to-use-award-winning-safety-can-opener didn't work at all.  I was about to toss it when I decided to check Rosle’s website.  There I learn that all their products are guaranteed for life.  I love when this happens.

I call and am connected to Karen. I explain that my can opener no longer works.  “No problem.  Just send it back and we’ll replace it.”  The problem is that I don’t want a replacement; I want another model (the more traditional plier-shaped opener) that costs $8 more.  Reluctantly Karen okays the exchange and tells me she will call for my credit card information when she receives the peeler I am returning.

I never hear from her again, but today I receive my new opener with no upcharge.  Tomorrow I’ll buy a can of tuna and see if it works.  It takes so little to make me happy.

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