Saturday, April 21, 2012

a memorial service, food and shoes (lyn)

Today is the memorial service for Zelia’s ex-husband, and the father of her two children.  Chico Anysio was a beloved entertainer in Brazil.  He created over 200 memorable characters, appeared in films, and was a composer.  When he died in March, his death was widely covered in Brazil.  Even soccer teams honored him by wearing shirts with his name.  Instead of standing for a minute of silence, an entire soccer stadium stood for a minute of clapping.

Zelia has chosen the Actor’s Chapel, in the heart of Broadway, for the service. It’s almost 100 years old and beautiful.  The service is flawless, the chapel is full, and Victoria, Zelia’s daughter, delivers a heartfelt eulogy.

After the service, a small group is invited to Sarafina’s, a nearby restaurant.  It is more festive than somber, and I think Zelia and her children finally have a sense of closure.  The food is excellent and plentiful, and I abandon any attempt to eat carefully.  I have a small piece of bruschetta, a few calamari, a bit of greens, and a slice of thin crusted pizza.  And those are just the appetizers.  My entrée is sage with butter ravioli, and dessert is more-than-a taste of three different desserts. 

Following the lunch, Brooke, Janice and I walk about a mile.  I am impressed with their ability to walk so far in four-inch heels.  I have changed out of my nice shoes into a lower-heeled shoe that two people comment on.  “They look dowdy; like something an old lady would wear.”   I decide they are right and will now toss them.  

I remember writing about these shoes when I bought them only two years ago.

The people at Harry’s Shoes convinced me then that since my body looked so good, no one would be looking at my feet.

Now I realize how little truth was in their observations.  I weigh about the same as I did then, and trust me, people do look at my feet and notice when they are clothed in granny shoes.

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