Wednesday, April 18, 2012

bad eating day (lyn)

My day is planned around a 7 pm movie screening.

I want to walk today and decide early that I’ll walk to the theater, about 3.4 miles. I’m more motivated to walk when I have a destination.  So, to make a 7pm screening, I should be there at 6:30, which means leaving at 5:30.  I don’t want to have dinner at five, so instead I eat a late lunch---salad followed by a handful of chocolate covered pomegranates. 

I walk to the theater to meet Robyn, zigzagging through the city.  Before leaving, I grab a couple of things I purchased for the first time at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday:  dried apple slices and something called Bonola Bites.  These are small pieces of granola-like things, which, according to the packaging, are “Crafted Only With Your Good Health In Mind,” and are made “with absolutely NO artificial anything!”  Despite the odd name, they are amazingly good.

I pack a light dinner for me and Robyn…a bag of fat-free popcorn mixed with a ¼ cup of chocolate covered pomegranates.  The movie, starring Kevin Kline and Diane Keaton, is called Darling Companion. It’s dreadful.

I get home close to ten, starving.  The popcorn-candy has failed as a dinner, though it worked for tiny Robyn.  She’s done eating for the day, and I’m famished.  I heat up a bowl of miso soup, followed by a now favorite go-to food, a pre-packaged tub of 10-calorie-0-point-orange jello with a squirt of whipped cream.

I finish dinner around eleven.  Before crawling in bed I go online and cancel my reservation for tomorrow's screening, thus avoiding another 5 pm dinner dilemma.  And besides, tomorrow’s film is supposed to be as bad as tonight's.

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