Tuesday, April 10, 2012

should I stay or should I go? (lyn)

I like theater but most of the time I don’t like going.

First, I need to eat an early dinner, especially if it’s a seven o’clock curtain, like it is tonight.  Next, I have to get dressed in something dressier than the Lululemon running pants I wear around the house.  (This way I’m always exercise-ready).  I need to put on some makeup.  I must wait for the bus to take me into a crowded midtown.  And then, more often than not, I sit in a cramped seat with someone annoying seated nearby.  Usually it’s a person loudly unwrapping candy, but it could be a snorer, or someone texting.

Tonight I have tickets with Meredith to see a play at Manhattan Theater Club called Regrets.  The reviews are mixed, making it even less enticing.  I email Meredith late in the day about meeting at the theater; she’s forgotten we even have tickets and bails.

I have a simple, low-fat dinner of scallops and vegetables.  I eat around 5:30, soon after finishing a bowl of squash soup for lunch.  It feels like a one-meal day, as lunch and dinner are separated by so little time.  My parents must eat lunch around 11 to be ready for dinner by four.  Either that, or they skip lunch altogether.

The play is formulaic and trite, though still entertaining.  I’m home by 9:30, starving. 

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