Monday, April 16, 2012

I hate apple (m)

I am not an Apple groupie.  I buy what works, regardless of the brand name.  My Dell computer is on its last leg after 9 great years of service.  I will probably buy another Dell unless I move the ridiculously large Mac computer (which I never use) from one room to my office.  I doubt I will as the screen is too large.  If any of you want a second-hand Big Mac, write me.  It's for sale.

Yesterday, my husband and I buy iphones...the 4S.  I am dreading going into the Apple store with all those pretentious little sh-ts running around with their goatees and knitted caps.  Even their names are over the top.  The guy we have is named Hercules.  My husband asks if that is his real name. 

Hercules is obsequiously nice, but inept.  For example, after he goes through the spiel about the benefits of the 4S model (I was pre-sold and told him to get on with it) , I purchase the thing and THEN he tells me he can't transfer my current phone directory into the new phone.  Are you kidding me?  He says the machine won't do it.  I ask if someone else in the store can help.  "No....sorry," he says, insincerely.  I won't accept this answer.  I take the phone (which I purchased) and tell him I'll be right back.  I go out into the mall to the nearby Verizon kiosk.  I must have looked like Robert DeNiro in Raging Bull as I approach the desk because normal-named Jason there looks scared.  I explain my problem and Jason smiles and says he can do it.  And he does.  Little Jason at Verizon switches the phone directories in five minutes, saving me hours of work.

I march back into Apple and finish the transaction with the impotent Hercules.

One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.

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