Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a great new film from a great new star (lyn)

Okay, I admit, I'm biased, but I think I can be objective too.

My nephew Michael moved to LA three and half years ago. Unlike his two brothers who have chosen Wall Street careers, Michael wants to be a writer.  I wrote about him before when he was one of the finalists in a 2011 Super Bowl contest for Pepsi Max.


Michael is different from the many young, talented, handsome, fit, recently graduated kids who go to LA and try to break into the business.  He doesn’t just go on auditions and seek out projects.  He creates them.

On a shoestring budget, Michael wrote, directed, and then starred in a feature film called This Thing With Sarah. The next big step is getting it viewed by the right people, which means getting the film screened at festivals.

Michael is resourceful, talented, and one of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet, very much like his brothers Adam and Jason in that regard.

Take a look.  Pass it on.  Even if I didn’t love and adore this movie’s star, I’d still want to see this film; it’s that good.

Have a seat.  Grab a cup of coffee.  Enjoy.  Any comments you send, I will pass onto Michael. 


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