Wednesday, March 30, 2011

good news starts the day (lyn)

I’ve been eating a ton, or so it seems.  Seven big dinners in 20 days:

  • Mar 10: Italian dinner with James at Alloro
  • Mar 12: Birthday dinner with Jill at Duane Park
  • Mar 15: Birthday dinner at Parlor Steak House with girlfriends
  • March 16: Birthday dinner at Union Square Café with sisters and Boston friends
  • March 24: Steak dinner with John at Morton’s
  • March 28: Steak dinner and fries with Alexander at Rare
  • March 29: Lobster dinner with David at The Palm

So I am not expecting particularly good news this morning.  I get on the Weight Watchers scale and my weight is 121.2, only .6 points higher than my last weigh-in on March 9.  I am happy.  Nice way to start this big day.

I hope the news at the end of the day is also good.  Alexander hears from his three top schools….he’d be thrilled to get in to even one of them…but he’s prepared if he doesn’t.  He still has amazing options. 

Less than five hours to go.  After a year of waiting, it’s almost over.  We are both so nervous.

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