Thursday, March 31, 2011

it's a small world (m)

I met a woman in NYC last September when Harrison was competing at the Mid-Atlantic championships held at Chelsea Piers. 

She is here in Italy with her daughter who is representing Norway as the girls' father is Norwegian (an Olympic skier).

The Italians who train at our rink every summer also are here (naturally).

The Swedish kids have bonded with the Americans and eat dinner with us every night.

There is a Russian girl in our group who now represents the US as well as a US guy who represents the Phillippines. 

The only ones we have been missing are the Japanese.  Given what's going on in their country, it's understandable that they wouldn't show for this event.

I am walking to lunch with Harrison's coach and all of sudden, we see a group of people. Harrison's coach exclaims, "Oh, my God.  They are here!" 

A group of Japanese skaters has arrived.  Our coach stayed with them in Nagano a while back.  They made it.  We greet each other and everyone is crying.  We tell them we are very sorry for their troubles.  They are so gracious for our well wishes.

I understand why global sports such as the Olympic games will endure forever.  It is a wonderful way to bring people together, bridging politics, cultures and languages.

Here is a photo of Harrison's coach with his Japanese friends. 

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