Monday, March 28, 2011

two days to go (lyn)

So here’s the plan.

Alexander is superstitious.  Most of the great college news he’s gotten has happened when (a) he hasn’t been at home, and (b) he has been with at least one classmate from Horace Mann.

I will check the websites for Penn and Dartmouth at 5pm on Wednesday, and at 6pm for Duke.  And then I will call him.  If there are no acceptances, I will tell him.  If there is any good news among the three, I will tell him to come home, and let him check the sites himself, as seeing the word Congratulations pop up is far more exciting than my telling him. 

Today we hear from Georgetown.  The news is not good; it’s a flat out rejection. Is this a harbinger for what we’ll learn on Wednesday?  We speculate on everything.  Alexander and I are both anxious for this week to be over so we can begin making decisions.

I’ve been so consumed with college-stuff that I’ve forgotten to think about my weight.  This morning, with some trepidation, I step on the scale.  119.4.  Anxiety (or is it excitement) seems to be obliterating calories. 

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