Thursday, March 31, 2011

living in the mountains (m)

The Dolomites are spectacular.  No camera can capture the three-dimensionality and depth of the mountain range.  Forward. Back. Left. Right.  Every where you look is breathtaking.

The air is thin and I am breathless.  Even the athletes notice a big difference. 

Also, being in the mountains means there is limited flat terrain.  You either are walking up or down a hill.  My knees are killing me.  I feel the way I felt when I had all the weight on me again.  Breathless, sore.

I settle into my room and decide to explore the town.  It is a picturesque little village from out of a storybook.  The coffee shop is called The Mozart Cafe.  Lots of hot chocolate and croissants and tartes and other pastries.  I avoid that and head to the bath shop where I buy a bar of Rance soap in a floral sent.  I decide to use it everyday to feel good.  It's a tiny splurge but keeps me from eating a chocolate croissant.

I walk back to my room.  I have to cross the lobby, walk down a long hallway, walk up a half flight of stairs and then up three sets of stairs to get to my room.

I get in my room and I'm exhausted.  I flop onto my bed and fall asleep before dinner.

No wonder these people look so good here.  Between the mountain air and the exercise, they are fit and healthy.

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