Wednesday, March 30, 2011

arriving in munich (m)

I do not like groups.  They slow you down.

We arrive in Munich, H is wearing his team jacket.  We are to look for the other Team USA members and their coaches, parents and our team leader. 

I am hungry, tired, cranky.

We have to wait 90 minutes until the last people in our group arrive.

I exchange dollars for euros (There's a bummer.  How is our dollar so weak?)

The team leader, Kitty, tells us to get food on our own before we board the bus for Italy.  I go shopping in the market and get bananas, water and a Lindt orange chocolate bar (for Harrison.  Okay, I'll probably have "a piece") .  There's a pastry shop next to the little variety store.  I want a German pretzel so I get one.  It's huge.  I can't wait to eat it.  My stomach is growling.

I exercise discipline by saving the pretzel for the bus ride.

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